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Our resources provide clear, accurate and accessible explanations of the law – in areas including civil and criminal proceedings, sentencing, jury directions, evidence, family violence and judicial wellbeing – that are fundamental to the daily lives of judicial officers.

These authoritative resources are widely used by judicial officers, legal practitioners, police, students and policy makers. They have been written by experienced legal researchers and reviewed by senior members of the judiciary.  

  Bench Books

Criminal Charge Book

A Bench Book of model jury directions in criminal trials. Contains explanatory commentary and jury checklists on criminal offences, and evidentiary and procedural issues in criminal trials.



Sentencing Manual - New Edition

A Manual on sentencing in Victoria. Contains case summaries, guidance on sentencing, and commentary on sanctions and orders

Sentencing Manual - Case Summaries (New and Updated)

A collection of summaries of recent sentencing cases in the Victorian Court of Appeal and the County Court. This collection was previously part of the Victorian Sentencing Manual and is now presented as a standalone resource.

Criminal Proceedings Manual

A Manual on the law of criminal procedure. Contains commentary on authorities and legislation relevant to the conduct of criminal proceedings in Victoria. 

Search Warrants Manual

A Manual on the laws governing search warrants. Contains extracts of key legislation, identifies authorised applicants, and examines relevant considerations when issuing warrants.

Civil Procedure Bench Book

A Bench Book on the Civil Procedure Act 2010. Contains commentary on obligations, discovery, case management, and resolution.

Civil Juries Charge Book

A Bench Book of model jury directions in civil proceedings. Contains directions on various forms of negligence and other torts, use and assessment of evidence, and calculation of damages.

Serious Injury Manual

A Manual that examines the law regarding obtaining leave to bring legal proceedings for workplace or transport accident injuries. Contains serious injury tests, limitation periods, the operation of medical panels, and other ancillary issues. 

Personal Safety Intervention Orders Bench Book

A Bench Book on the Personal Safety Intervention Orders Act 2010. Contains information on when to make an intervention order and the interaction between personal safety intervention orders and family violence intervention orders.

Uniform Evidence Manual

A Manual on the Evidence Act 2008. Contains explanations of key components of the Act, including commentary on substantive sections and discussion of uniform evidence legislative policy.

Charter of Human Rights Bench Book

A Bench Book on human rights law. Contains information on Victoria’s key human rights legislation, jurisprudence on individual rights and the operation of the Charter on statutory interpretation and the functions of courts.

Open Courts Bench Book

A Bench Book on the law relating to suppression orders and closed court orders. Contains commentary on open justice principles and model orders.

Disability Access Bench Book

A Bench Book that provides information and general best practice principles for judicial officers on their role in making the courts accessible for people with disabilities.

Family Violence Bench Book

A Bench Book on the law concerning family violence in Victoria. Contains information on when to make a family violence intervention order, sentencing principles and theory concerning family violence. 

Children's Court Bench Book

A Bench Book on the operation of the Children's Court. Contains information on the Family and Criminal Divisions and other programs and services available in the Court. 


Bail Materials

A collection of resources on Bail. Contains flowcharts, annotated schedules and commentary on legislation.

Criminal Case Notes and Legislation Guides

A collection of case notes and legislative guides on criminal law. Contains summaries of significant decisions, and commentary on select legislation.

Ground Rules Hearing

A collection of resources on how to conduct a ground rules hearing for vulnerable witnesses. Contains training videos, guides and applicable legislation.

Victims of Crime in the Courtroom

A Guide to assist judicial officers in identifying and responding to the diverse characteristics, experiences and needs of victims. Contains key considerations, definitions and links to further resources.


Civil Case Notes

A collection of case notes on civil law. Contains summaries of significant decisions. 

Guide to the Guardianship and Administration Act 2019

A Guide on the Guardianship and Administration Act 2019 (Vic). The Guide explains the operation of the Act and incorporates relevant principles and discussion. 

Personal Safety Intervention Orders checklists

Additional resources on the Personal Safety Intervention Orders Act 2010. Contains guides on conduct of mention date hearings, and a list of mandatory considerations.

  Judicial Practice

Uniform Evidence Resources

A collection of resources on evidence law. Contains relevant case notes, flowcharts, knowledge tests and further reading.

Charter Case Collection

A collection of summaries of all significant Charter cases from the Supreme Court of Victoria. Contains a description of the factual issues, area of law, and a thorough account of the Charter arguments and the outcome.

Open Courts Resources

A collection of resources on suppression and closed court orders. Contains flowcharts, introductory guides, collected cases and reference material on upcoming amendments, including commentary and annotated legislation.

JCV Journal

A collection of papers delivered at College education events, as well as a special issue on the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. 

Child Witness Resources

A collection of resources to help judges and legal professionals communicate with child witnesses and obtain quality evidence from children of all ages and abilities.

  Judicial Wellbeing

Judicial Wellbeing Resources

A collection of resources on judicial wellbeing. Contains information on judicial stress, wellbeing and where to get help.

  Family Violence

Family Violence Resources

A collection of additional resources on family violence. Contains commentary on key legislative amendments, and flowcharts that describe the decision-making process.

  Specialist Courts

Drug Screen Analysis Resources

A collection of resources on reading and understanding urine drug screen reports. Contains a webinar recording, a tip sheet and FAQs.


Coronavirus and Judicial Wellbeing

A collection of resources to help support the wellbeing of the judiciary and broader community during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus and Contracts

A new addition to our coronavirus library, ‘Coronavirus and Contracts’ considers common contract issues likely to arise as a result of the pandemic, and analyses the early jurisprudence on these matters.

Coronavirus Jurisprudence

This resource tracks the developing impact of the pandemic on the common law and the application of general principles, whether it be to bail, sentencing, the decision to grant a trial by judge alone, or otherwise.

COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Act 2020

A short summary of the provisions of the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Act 2020 as it relates to the operations of Victorian courts and tribunals.

Judge Alone Trials

Resources examining legislation and caselaw on allowing and conducting criminal trials by judge alone.

Coronavirus and the Courts

This resource looks at the nationwide operational impacts of the virus, such as limits on in-person hearings and security and hygiene measures, and is intended to help courts and court users understand the different practices that have been put in place across the jurisdictions.

Modifying Courtcraft for Virtual Hearings

With a rapid increase in the number of online hearings taking place, the College has produced a quick reference guide for judicial officers on tips and tricks for when and how to modify courtcraft online.

Courtcraft during the Coronavirus pandemic

Following consultation with Victorian magistrates and specialist courts, this new resource offers insights into ways magistrates have been adapting their courtcraft during the Coronavirus pandemic.