Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 gives you the right to request access to documents held by us.
Part II Information statement

The Judicial College of Victoria (the College) is required to publish an information statement under Part II of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act). This statement provides information on what we do, the kinds of documents we hold, and how a person can request access.

The following statements outline how the College is satisfying its legal obligation to make information readily available to the public.

Statement 1: Organisation and functions

For information with respect to the College, its functions and structure refer to the following sections on this website:


The Judicial College of Victoria was established by the Judicial College of Victoria Act 2001 and commenced operation in November 2002.

For a full list of Victorian legislation, visit the Victorian Legislation website.

Contact us

The public can provide feedback using this website's feedback form or by writing to the College.

Statement 2: Categories of documents

The College creates a large number of documents and records in the course of its work.

Document types

The types of documents that the College handles include, but are not limited to:

  • policies, procedures and standards
  • briefings and reports
  • registers
  • correspondence
  • legal commentary
  • event designs
  • meeting records
  • financial records.
Statement 3: Freedom of Information arrangements

Under the FOI Act, members of the public have the right to request information and access documents about their personal affairs and the activities of the College.

A freedom of information request needs to be made in writing to the agency that holds the documents being requested. You can make a request for documents held by the College by writing to the us.

For further information about how to make a request, visit the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner website.

The resource locations and content presented within the Freedom of Information Part II Statements provide a snapshot of the information that is available and are not an exhaustive representation.

Statement 4: Publications

Publications of the College are available in the following sections of this website:

Enquiries about the College's publications can be addressed to us.

Statement 5: Policies and procedures

In performing its functions, the College does not provide services directly to the public.

College policies and procedures impacting members of the public will be provided as appropriate.

Statement 6: Report literature

The College has not published any final reports or records of decisions in relation to policy to date.

Enquiries should be addressed to the College.

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