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About Us


William Cooper Justice Centre

Established in 2002, the Judicial College of Victoria was founded on the idea of peer education. This principle continues to be our guiding light. Judicial officers drive and shape the innovative and varied educational programs we provide. Our publications are also judge-led, allowing us to write and publish a range of authoritative resources. These are highly valued by both the judiciary and the legal profession. We understand the scarcity of judicial time and aim to maximise the value of every hour of judicial education, and to provide only the most carefully selected information and experiences.

The complexity of our environment requires us to work with other disciplines and multi-disciplinary teams to provide a complete learning experience. Our programs bring presenters who have a wide range of experiences to share – from experts in their fields to those with lived experience of the justice system.

As the judicial role becomes more challenging, so too the College is constantly responding and evolving. Our work ensures judicial officers in all Victorian jurisdictions are:

  • Aware of the nature and expectations of the judicial role
  • Up-to-date with the latest developments in the law
  • Knowledgeable about judicial practice and the judicial process
  • In touch with pressing community and social issues
  • Able to understand how cultural factors may be relevant to court proceedings
  • Equipped to manage the unique pressures of judicial office and maintain wellbeing
  • Able to enhance their practical skills, particularly their capacity to communicate clearly and listen actively
  • Effectively managing their courtrooms and use and understand new technologies.