Managing high-conflict behaviours.

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Friday 28th April 2023

Full Day EVENT | 9:30 AM-4:15 PM


What are some of the best ways to manage challenging courtroom interactions – and respond to high-conflict behaviours?

Join renowned conflict resolution expert Professor Tania Sourdin as she answers these questions through insights on communication, neuroscience and the typologies of high-conflict personalities. 

You will also receive practical training on facilitation and conflict management techniques through scenario-based role-play.  

And through skills-based exercises, you will learn how to respond effectively to high-conflict behaviours in the court or tribunal room – including from self-represented litigants. 

All the while you will be supported by trained coaches.


Professor Tania Sourdin PhD, LLM, BA, LLB
Professor Tania Sourdin is the Dean of the University of Newcastle Law School. In the past two decades, she has conducted qualitative and quantitative research projects into aspects of the dispute resolution and justice system systems in 12 Courts and Tribunals and six external dispute resolution schemes within Australia. Other research has focused on therapeutic justices, self-represented litigants, restorative justice, justice innovation, technology, delay and systemic reforms. In 2003 and 2005 she was the Chief Investigator on two Australian Research Council projects that explored the use of artificial intelligence in the legal domain. Since that time she has had a number of projects that have explored the use of AI in the justice system and the role of a human judge in terms of court engagement and collaboration. Recently, Professor Sourdin completed the 6th edition of her book “Alternative Dispute Resolution” (Thomson Reuters) and has focussed on Judges and AI and has published papers such as “Judge v Robot” (2018), chapters that include “Must a Judge be Human?”(2018) and books – “The Responsive Judge” (Springer, 2018), “The Multi Tasking Judge” (Thomson Reuters, 2012). She recently completed a co authored book on “Digital Technology and Justice : Justice Apps” (Routledge, 2020) and her book “Judges, Technology and AI” was published 2021 (Edward Elgar). Professor Sourdin is the author of a number of more than 140 publications that are focussed on justice reform issues and has published and presented widely on a range of topics including ADR, justice innovation, self represented litigants, high conflict behaviour, justice issues, mediation, conflict resolution, collaborative law, artificial intelligence, technology and organisational change. She has also retained a part time practice focus and has worked for more than 30 years as a lawyer, 25 years in various senior part time tribunal positions and as a mediator and has since 2014 been the National Broadband Network industry dispute resolution advisor within Australia.
Director, Seedling CTS
Simon Wood
Simon has been helping organisations and individuals build their leadership, sales and customer service strength for nearly twenty years. Proven results, a client focus and a love of learning enables him to deliver tailored, nuanced and effective end-to-end solutions, from consultation, facilitation and design through to delivering training and coaching. Simon’s background in psychology and coaching enables him to think critically and to design learning programs based on evidence; his performance background enables him to communicate persuasively and deliver strongly in the room; and his business experience enables him to adapt to difference contexts quickly.
Senior Associate Consultant, Seedling CTS
Angela Twigg
Angela is a skilled facilitator, trainer, actor, and coach with over 17 years of experience. She is passionate about adult learning and developing leaders' capacity to influence and engage with their audience effectively. Angela has worked extensively with organisations to develop leaders' skills in managing, motivating, and coaching their staff to reach their full potential. She has also partnered with many organisations as a professional actor/role player to stretch and develop leaders through development and assessment centres and through various workshops. Angela has trained and coached individuals at all levels within organisations on effective communication in various workshop situations.