First Nations/
Lore and literature.

A photo of two workmen admiring a mural by artist, Adnate

Thursday 7th November 2024

Seminar | 4:45 PM-6:00 PM


Enhance awareness of the cultural and socioeconomic issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples coming before the courts.

As Victoria begins to move towards Treaty, the Judicial College recognises the changing cultural and legal landscape for First Nations peoples and allies in this state. In 2024, our First Nations’ Twilights celebrate First Peoples’ storytelling and resilience; explores key organisations and services that act as first responders to a myriad of First Nations issues within the justice system; examines how the courts can incorporate lessons from the past into present judicial practice; and taps into an expansive view of Country’s imaginative possibilities.

This series of events is presented in partnership with the Judicial Officers’ Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Committee (JOACAC), chaired by Justice Jane Dixon and Magistrate Rose Falla.

This celebration of First Nations’ writing and storytelling provides access into new worlds and probes our collective presuppositions about voice, authority and knowledge. With leading First Nations writers and thinkers, we explore the future of the Australian imagination when we summon those historical and contemporary influences that have previously inhabited the fringes—from where all great art originates.