Delivering oral decisions effectively – VCAT.

An illustration of people sitting on a giant microphone

Friday 19th April 2024

Full Day EVENT | 9:00 AM-4:00 PM


Proficiency in giving an oral decision is an essential skill of efficient tribunal members. Oral decisions assist in managing case load, counter over-reliance on the written word, and prevent the pile of reserve decisions from building up.

This skills-based program will teach you to deliver oral reasons with competence and confidence. And you will practice delivering oral decisions under the guidance of experienced facilitators.  

You will cover: 

  • when to use an oral decision 
  • techniques for preparation and delivery 
  • the requirements of an oral decision – including introductions, structure and tailoring to your audience. 

Note: This event is for VCAT members only. 

The steering committee for this event is comprised of:

  • Judge Caitlin English 
  • Deputy President Richard Wilson 
  • Deputy President Ian Proctor 
  • Senior Member Anita Smith
  • Member Alison Glynn
  • Member Susan Whitney