Authoritative and effective courtroom communication.

A row of court room seats

Friday 17th March 2023

Full Day EVENT | 9:00 AM-4:30 PM


Effectively managing a courtroom may be a challenge. But it is a skill that can be learned and will assist you to appropriately establish your authority.

Join coaches Simon Wood and Angela Twigg as they share with you the fundamentals of courtcraft.  

You will walk away with the skills to establish authority, deal with challenging behaviours and engage in meaningful ways in the courts. 

Over one full day you will:  

  • enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills 
  • learn strategies for keeping calm in stressful situations  
  • reflect on how you want to be perceived in your courtroom 
  • put your new skills into practice 
  • receive feedback to develop your own personal style.

This session is repeated on 1 August. To register for the August session please click here.


Director and Founder, Seedling CTS
Simon Wood
Simon has been helping organisations and individuals build their leadership, sales and customer service strength for nearly twenty years. Proven results, a client focus and a love of learning enables him to deliver tailored, nuanced and effective end-to-end solutions, from consultation, facilitation and design through to delivering training and coaching. Simon’s background in psychology and coaching enables him to think critically and to design learning programs based on evidence; his performance background enables him to communicate persuasively and deliver strongly in the room; and his business experience enables him to adapt to different contexts quickly.
Senior Associate Consultant, Seedling CTS 
Raj Sidhu
Raj is a corporate teacher, facilitator, and actor who delivers programs in leadership, communication, culture change, conflict resolution, sales, media coaching, and presentation skills. He co-founded RealPlayMedia and pioneered Theatre in Business in Australia with Grant Dodwell. Raj has a degree in Performance from NIDA and studied sociology, psychology, drama, and philosophy at Flinders University. He is a certified consultant and trainer in Human Synergistic LSI and OCI tools and has provided group and individual executive coaching using various psychometric insight tools for over 21 years.