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An opportunity to respond: A conversation with the Judicial Commission.

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Tuesday 21st November 2023

Seminar | 4:45 PM-6:15 PM


Join Chief Judge Peter Kidd, Magistrate Charles Tan, VCAT Deputy President Genevieve Nihill AM, CSV Chief People Officer, Jewil Fulton and Director, Judicial Commission, Alexis Eddy as we present a selection of in-court and out-of-court bullying scenarios that audience participants are invited to rate and discuss according to the Commission’s assessment criteria using real-time interactive polling technology.

In May 2023, the Judicial Commission of Victoria released the Judicial Conduct Guideline – Judicial Bullying, following extensive consultation with the sector, including judicial officers. The Guideline defines judicial bullying, presents examples of acceptable and unacceptable conduct, and provides insight into the Commission’s decision-making process.

An opportunity to respond brings together judicial officers, courts and the Commission to discuss jurisdictional concerns about bullying and the importance of context when reaching a decision about conduct in a contested and adversarial environment. We examine the role of courts and wellbeing in improving outcomes for judicial officers and court users and explore tips and tricks for tricky situations.

Audience participants are invited to step into the shoes of the Judicial Commission by evaluating a selection of scenarios in real-time using interactive technology. As the summer break approaches, An opportunity to respond enables colleagues to articulate different perspectives, view the bench from new angles and refresh awareness of the art of courtcraft.


    Chief Judge of the County Court of Victoria
    Justice Peter Kidd
    Chief Judge Peter Kidd was appointed as Chief Judge of the County Court of Victoria on 28 September 2015. Chief Judge Kidd brings to the Court more than 20 years of experience as a criminal lawyer in Australia and overseas. His Honour was previously a Senior Crown Prosecutor, an International Prosecutor at the War Crimes Chamber of the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a solicitor for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. His Honour was also a member of the Sentencing Advisory Council Board. Chief Judge Kidd holds a Master of Laws from the University of Geneva, where he specialised in international humanitarian and criminal law, and a Bachelor of Law from the University of Adelaide.


    Magistrates' Court of Victoria
    Magistrate Charles Tan
    Magistrate Charles Tan was appointed to the bench in July 2015. He has sat across multiple jurisdictions in the Court including the Koori Court and the Assessment and Referral Court List (ARC). He was a member of the Magistrates’ Court Education Committee for several years. Magistrate Tan is currently the regional co-ordinating Magistrate and lead Family Violence Magistrate for the Frankston Magistrates’ court. Magistrate Tan was admitted to the Bar in 1997 and practised predominantly in crime until 2015.
    Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    Deputy President Genevieve Nihill AM
    Alongside her role as Deputy President of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), Genevieve is Head of VCAT’s Human Rights Division and Head of the Guardianship and Human Rights Lists. With a background practicing in public and community law, Deputy President Nihill has been a VCAT member since 2004, working across most lists, and is an accredited and experienced mediator. She has been a member of several other tribunals, including the Mental Health Review Board, Intellectual Disability Review Panel and various health practitioner registration board hearing panels.
    Director of the Judicial Commission of Victoria
    Alexis Eddy
    Alexis was appointed Director of the Judicial Commission in October 2019. Before commencing her role at the Commission, she was head of legal and compliance at the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission. Prior to that Alexis was with the Office of Police Integrity and the Department of Justice in criminal law policy. She has worked as a prosecuting solicitor at the Office of Public Prosecutions and as an industrial relations and equal opportunity lawyer at a major law firm. Alexis has an expert understanding of the Victorian integrity regime, best practice policies and procedures and comes with a depth of knowledge and expertise across the justice system. She is passionate about wellbeing in the workplace and leading an organisation where this is prioritised.
    Chief People Officer, Court Services Victoria
    Jewil Fulton
    Jewil joined Court Services Victoria (CSV) in August 2020 and plays a key leadership role in delivering strategic Human Resources services and transformation across CSV. Jewil has over 25 years’ experience in Human Resources and leadership roles. Prior to joining CSV, Jewil spent 2 years as Associate Director Capability and Talent, at the University of Melbourne, where she was responsible for leading, designing and implementing a new Performance Management and Development strategy for 4500 employees. Before that, Jewil spent 11 years with the Link Group, an ASX listed company. During her time at Link Group, Jewil was involved in over 20 acquisitions and business integrations, and finished her time there in 2018 as the Head of Culture of Engagement. Jewil is passionate about working with leaders to make positive change in organisations through people. In working through change initiatives, she ensures that the solution/s are pragmatic and respectful, while addressing the organisation’s needs. Jewil has supported initiatives to address Sexual Harassment in Victorian Courts and VCAT (Szoke Review). Jewil holds a Bachelor of Arts (University of Melbourne), a Graduate Diploma in Human Resources and Industrial Relations (University of Melbourne), is an Executive coach and completed the Adaptive HR Program for HR Directors in 2020. She is also a Certified member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders.

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      Judicial Bullying: Consultation Paper.

      What distinguishes appropriate judicial conduct from conduct that is inappropriate or unacceptable? At [79] and following, the Judicial Commission analyses how a range of sources – from legislation and case law, to guidelines and socio-legal research – inform the standards of conduct expected of judicial officers, with particular focus on bullying.
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