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Mental health, drug dependency & the law series 2.

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Tuesday 3rd October 2023

Seminar | 4:45 PM-6:00 PM


Mental illness and drug dependency are common in people appearing in the criminal justice system. Yet they often don’t get the support they need.

In Part 2 of this series, join Professor Nicole Lee, psychologist and leader in alcohol and other drug policy and practice, to gain a current understanding of treatment and recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction.

You will learn about the latest thinking for ‘what works’ in substance addiction treatment and recovery. 

You will also explore:

  • treatment options, pathways, referrals and case management, including why and when different treatment options are used
  • what to expect from treatment options, and a practical understanding of identifiable ‘progress markers’ in individuals’ presentation in court
  • how to talk with people about drug and alcohol addiction and treatment to support behaviour change.

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Professor Nicole Lee
Professor Nicole Lee is an international leader in best practice health responses, with 33 years’ experience in policy and practice implementation in alcohol and other drugs, mental health and community health. She is Adjunct Professor at the National Drug Research Institute Curtin University, Founder and CEO at 360Edge, Board Member and CEO at Hello Sunday Morning and Board Member at The Loop Australia. Nicole is a member of the Australian National Council on Alcohol and other Drugs (ANACAD) and is the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Alcohol and other Drug Adviser.
Magistrates’ Courts of Victoria 
Magistrate Pauline Spencer
Magistrate Pauline Spencer was appointed as a Magistrate in Victoria in 2006. She currently sits at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, Victoria, Australia and is the Head of Division, Specialist Courts providing judicial leadership across the court’s therapeutic justice programs across mainstream courts and specialist courts.

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    The Power of Words

    A quick guide to having conversations about alcohol and other drugs. This at-a-glance flip book is a condensed version of the Power of Words Practical Guide. It has been developed for people who work directly in the alcohol and other drug sector, such as health care providers, social workers, and human services professionals.
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