First Nations/
First Nations cultural awareness for judicial officers.

A photo of a Melbourne Scar tree

Tuesday 19th November 2024

Full Day EVENT | 9:00 AM-4:00 PM


Build a nuanced cultural awareness about First Nations people to foster respect and understanding in Victoria’s court system.

This program will support you to take a culturally informed approach to your role and to more deeply understand First Nations peoples’ experience of the courts and the justice system.

In this expert-led workshop, you will build knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of First Nations people’s experiences of the law and promote an equitable justice system for all. 

You will learn about:  

  • Aboriginal culture and identity  
  • Self-determination  
  • Terminology and definitions  
  • Pre-colonisation and post-colonial history  
  • Closing the gap  
  • Voice, treaty and truth in Victoria  
  • Specific issues relevant to First Nations people’s experiences of the justice system relevant to you as a judicial officer. 

This program is essential for new appointees but all judicial officers are welcome to attend.