AIJA releases new report on managing sexual assault proceedings.

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The AIJA, in collaboration with the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, CQUniversity College of Law, and Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research (QCDFVR), has published a comprehensive report titled "Specialist Approaches to Managing Sexual Assault Proceedings: an Integrative Review".

Authored by Dr Amanda-Jane George, Dr Vicki Lowik, Dr Masahiro Suziki, and Dr Nichola Corbett-Jarvis, with the advisory assistance of Associate Professor Heather Lovatt, the report seeks to address the ongoing issue of sexual violence in Australia and its traumatic repercussions.

Specifically, it highlights two significant concerns: barriers faced by survivors in reporting sexual assault, and the potential re-traumatisation within the criminal legal system. Through an integrative review, the authors present both the current evidence on these matters and suggest best practice measures for a specialised approach.

The resource aims to ensure an empowering and trauma-informed response for survivors when reporting and navigating the legal aftermath of such incidents. It acknowledges the invaluable insights provided by those who have firsthand experience of sexual assault and the challenges of the legal system.

This report is a step towards enhancing the criminal legal system's approach to sexual assault cases in Australia. The intention is to bring about impactful changes in how sexual assault proceedings are managed, eventually bettering the experiences and outcomes for survivors.

For a detailed understanding of the report and its findings, click here to read the full report.