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Specialist training for Moorabbin Family Violence Court begins

Regional Coordinating Magistrate Anne Goldsbrough recently co-chaired the first of our bespoke three-day training program for the Moorabbin family violence sector.

The training session brought together staff of the soon to be opened Specialist Family Violence Court, family violence support services, mental health services, alcohol and drug services and community volunteers. The diverse and experienced audience also included magistrates, police, social workers, lawyers, corrections, providing a unique opportunity to consolidate a shared understanding of family violence and best practice multidisciplinary responses ahead of the opening of the new court.  

Keynote speaker The Honourable Marcia Neave AO, Former Commissioner for the Royal Commission into Family Violence spoke about how a more therapeutic response to family violence can transform access to justice, advocating for greater collaboration and teamwork across the system, a focus on assisting perpetrators to change, and developing the appropriate responses and assistance to those impacted by Family Violence.

Magistrate Anne Goldsbrough said on the day:

"The community has a collective responsibility to those affected by family violence to identify, understand the nature and dynamics of family violence and then respond effectively to ensure safety and wellbeing of adults and children alike. A judicial officer cannot meet this responsibility alone. Everyone attending this professional development training plays a critical role in improving the outcomes of those involved with the work of the Specialist Family Violence Courts."