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Leading the Justice System: We welcome the return of visiting Professor Dr Peter Shaw

‘Intuitive sense is distilled wisdom’ – Professor Dr Peter Shaw

We are delighted to welcome back to the College international leadership expert and academic Dr Peter Shaw as visiting Professor for three weeks in early 2020.

The Board has endorsed Dr Shaw’s return to deliver a further intensive leadership coaching series in 2020 which will build upon his work with judicial and executive leaders across Victorian courts in 2019.

Dr Shaw is a very experienced leadership coach who works with individuals, teams and groups to enable them to grow their strengths and tackle demanding issues confidently. He has worked at the highest levels of the judiciary in England, and now in Victoria. He has held a wide range of board-level positions covering finance, personnel, policy, communications and delivery, and worked in five UK Government Departments. He is a visiting Professor at seven universities and author of 28 influential books, the most recent of which titled 100 Great Leading Through Frustration Ideas.

Dr Shaw’s multi-faceted experience and background make him uniquely placed to work with senior judicial officers and court executives to reach greater common understanding about leadership and how to tackle its challenges. We look forward to his return to the College.