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COAT Practice Manual for Tribunals 5th ed.

The Council of Australasian Tribunals (COAT) has recently published the Fifth Edition of its Practice Manual for Tribunals, and it is now available as part of our library of resources for VCAT members.

This latest edition incorporates new material, including:

  • the effect of state tribunals’ inability to exercise Commonwealth judicial power;
  • the impact of human rights legislation in Victoria and elsewhere on statutory interpretation and the exercise of administrative power by tribunals;
  • frameworks for tribunal excellence and competency, and ethical standards for mediators; and
  • guidelines for:
    • dealing with persons from culturally and linguistically diverse communities;
    • working with interpreters;
    • dealing with persons with a cognitive impairment; and
    • assisting self-represented litigants. 

The Manual is a practical resource with information on various issues, including procedural fairness, evidentiary issues, conducting hearings, decision-making and drafting reasons.