Chief Justice Anne Ferguson addresses National Wellness for Law Forum 2024.

Chief Justice Anne Ferguson
Chief Justice Anne Ferguson  delivered a keynote address at the National Wellness for Law Forum 2024, emphasising the importance of prioritising wellbeing in the legal profession.

Chief Justice Ferguson highlighted the need for systemic changes to support mental health and outlined the challenges faced by lawyers, judges, and law students. Her Honour commended ongoing research efforts and urged action beyond mere discussion.

The full text of the speech can be accessed here.

"My message today is simple: let’s keep talking but let’s also do more in the next stage; the stage beyond talk.  Let’s do that based on evidence obtained through meaningful research.  Let’s focus on prevention rather than cure.  Let’s look through the lens of collective and individual responsibility.  Let’s keep in mind that culture, systems and structures can play a large part in giving us the best opportunity to thrive."