Victorian Bar Council Election 2022-2023.

Sam Hay KC
Following the recent Victorian Bar Council election, the following office bearers have been appointed to the Bar Council for the 2022-2023 term:
  • President – Sam Hay KC (Pictured)
  • Vice President – Georgina Schoff KC
  • Vice President – Elizabeth Bennett SC
  • Honorary Treasurer – Mark Robins KC
  • Assist. Hon Treasurer – Catherine Boston

The following members were elected to the Bar Council (in order of seniority)

Eleven counsel who are King’s Counsel, Senior Counsel or junior counsel who are of not less than 15 years’ standing:

  • Gavin Silbert KC
  • Peter Chadwick KC
  • Georgina Schoff KC
  • Mark Robins KC
  • Dr Suzanne (Sue) McNicol AM KC
  • Colin Mandy SC
  • Sam Hay KC
  • Alistair Pound SC
  • Elizabeth Bennett SC
  • Darryl Burnett
  • Dr Michelle Sharpe

Six counsel who are junior counsel and who are of not less than 6 years’ standing and of not more than 15 years’ standing:

  • Ashlee Cannon
  • Catherine Boston
  • Nawaar Hassan
  • Timothy Goodwin
  • Daniel Nguyen
  • Raini Zambelli

Four counsel who are junior counsel who are of less than 6 years’ standing:

  • Jessie Taylor
  • Ffyona Livingstone Clark
  • Rishi Nathwani
  • Andrea Skinner