County Court practice note on pronunciation of names and forms of address.

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The County Court of Victoria has issued a new practice note titled 'Pronunciation of names and forms of address,' emphasising the importance of accurate pronunciation, including pronouns, to uphold respect and ensure proper administration of justice.

Key points of the practice note include:

  • Legal practitioners are encouraged to provide the correct phonetic pronunciation of names associated with their client's matter before any hearing.
  • Guidance on forms of address and pronouns for individuals involved in the case is also encouraged.
  • Practitioners may provide this information at the time of filing or during the preliminary stages of a hearing.
  • The Court may seek clarification on pronunciations during the course of a hearing.

Applicable to all divisions of the County Court, this practice note represents a proactive step towards promoting inclusivity and ensuring that all individuals are addressed appropriately within the courtroom.

Read the full practice note

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