Our events, whether in person or online, are designed to impart knowledge, deepen understanding and promote judicial collegiality. College education supports judicial officers to stay up to date and to develop the skills needed to perform the judicial role.
A photograph taken from inside the Magistrates Court of Victoria

Running contested hearings.

06 September 2024 | Full Day

One of the most requested programs in our recent judge’s education survey, this event will help magistrates refine how they manage contested hearings.

An image of an excerpt from the Uluru Statement from the heart

First Nations/
Aboriginality and bail.

12 September 2024 | Seminar

Develop knowledge and confidence in hearing bail applications involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in this expert-led discussion of legislative changes to the Bail Act 1977.

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Tribunal craft.

18 October 2024 | Full Day

An introduction to managing communication in your tribunal room.

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Judicial Life/
Judicial management forum.

25 October 2024 | Full Day

The close working relationship between judge and associate is a distinctive feature of judicial life. The relationship is generally highly prized and valued by both parties and has evolved without much formal assistance. But how do other judges manage their working life with associates? And what constitutes best-practice when managing staff?

A photo of two workmen admiring a mural by artist, Adnate

First Nations/
Lore and literature.

07 November 2024 | Seminar

Enhance awareness of the cultural and socioeconomic issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples coming before the courts.

A photo of a Melbourne Scar tree

First Nations/
First Nations cultural awareness for judicial officers.

19 November 2024 | Full Day

Build a nuanced cultural awareness about First Nations people to foster respect and understanding in Victoria’s court system.