Our events, whether in person or online, are designed to impart knowledge, deepen understanding and promote judicial collegiality. College education supports judicial officers to stay up to date and to develop the skills needed to perform the judicial role.
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First Nations/
Ablaze: Film screening with Director Tiriki Onus.

05 March 2024 | Seminar

When Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Wurrung artist and academic, Tiriki Onus, discovered an old photograph in a basement suitcase, his subsequent cultural and emotional journey would help assemble vital pieces of 20th century Aboriginal history.

An image of an excerpt from the Uluru Statement from the heart

First Nations/
Aboriginality and bail.

21 March 2024 | Seminar

Develop knowledge and confidence in hearing bail applications involving Aboriginal people in this expert-led discussion of imminent legislative changes to the Bail Act 1977 s 3A.

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Judicial Life/
VCAT orientation: Ethical and behavioural dimensions of the role.

22 March 2024 | Full Day

An opportunity for new VCAT members to come together and learn about their role.

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Prima Facie: Film screening with playwright Suzie Miller.

17 April 2024 | Seminar

An unexpected event forces a criminal barrister to confront the lines where the patriarchal power of the law, burden of proof and morals diverge.

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Delivering oral decisions effectively – VCAT.

19 April 2024 | Full Day

Proficiency in giving an oral decision is an essential skill of efficient tribunal members. Oral decisions assist in managing case load, counter over-reliance on the written word, and prevent the pile of reserve decisions from building up.

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First Nations/
First Nations cultural awareness for judicial officers.

30 April 2024 | Full Day

Build a nuanced cultural awareness about First Nations people to foster respect and understanding in Victoria’s court system.