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The Judicial College of Victoria provides education for judges, magistrates and VCAT members. We keep judicial officers abreast of developments in the law and social issues, and help them build and maintain the skills they need to perform their roles with rigour.

Maintaining the community’s confidence in judicial officers is essential to the rule of law. Judicial education and ongoing professional development are powerful agents to support and reinforce cultural change within the justice system.



  • Season's Greetings
    On behalf of the Acting CEO and all College staff members, we wish you a happy festive season and safe New Year. 
  • New Resource - Pocket Evidence Law
    Prepared by Justice Christopher Beale, Supreme Court of Victoria, this resource analyses the operation of uniform evidence law (UEL) in criminal proceedings in Victoria.
  • Sentencing Range Submissions
    The Victorian Court of Appeal has handed down a significant judgment today regarding the use of sentencing range submissions.
  • Tendency and Coincidence Evidence - New Resource
    A new paper by Associate Professor Andrew Palmer, University of Melbourne Law School, provides an invaluable guide to judges and practitioners who need to stay up to date with this challenging area of law.


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