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Tribunal mentoring program


A national Tribunal wanted to establish a mentor training program. The aim was to offer a way for newly appointed Members to benefit from the experience of existing Members and support all members to perform their vital statutory role.

Judicial College Involvement

The College designed and implemented a mentoring program for up to 15 members. The program included:

  • Experienced members orientating new Members into their Commissioner roles
  • A confidential structured forum for mentees to raise their performance obstacles
  • Assisting Members to understand and discharge their statutory functions
  • Supporting Members to meet the inevitable challenges of their role
  • Supporting all Members in their career development
  • Enhancing the experience, performance and collegiality for all Members

In keeping with the judge-led design approach for College programs, a small steering committee was convened to decide key elements proposed by the College of the Mentor Training Program and to evaluate its effectiveness. 

The Mentor Training Program kicked off with a full day workshop which was designed as an overview of the 12 month program. Participants worked through practical scenarios, developed mentoring skills and put together a mentoring framework for future mentoring meetings.

'I found the scenarios very relevant to the work of the Commission and as a result some of the best training I have done'.

'I thought the training was terrific and pitched perfectly for the participants - both in terms of content and the pace of the program (e.g. providing adequate scope for discussion)'.

'It was excellent, timely and relevant to mentoring and other aspects of my work'.