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Drug Screen Analysis Resources

In collaboration with the Family Drug Treatment Court and Australian Clinical Labs, we have developed a collection of on-demand drug screen analysis resources.

Connecting with Science Webinar

View a recording of our webinar, ‘Connecting with Science: Drug screens and how they support Family Drug Treatment Court goals’.

In this video:

  • Magistrate Kay Macpherson explores how drug screens support the Court-facilitated journey for parents wanting to shift from drug dependence towards recovery and family reunification.
  • Chemical Pathologist Dr David Deam walks viewers through the essentials of reading and understanding urine drug screen reports.
  • Magistrate Macpherson and Dr Deam join Family Drug Treatment Court Program Manager, Matthew Wilson and Child Protection Practice Leader Karyn Lloyd in a panel session to respond to questions about the intersection of drug screening and therapeutic practice in this jurisdiction.

Supporting materials 

Understanding urine drug screens  

Download a copy of Chemical Pathologist Dr David Deam’s presentation on the essentials of drug screen reports.

Drug screen elements

Downloadable tip sheet highlighting the key elements of drug screen reports.

Drug screen FAQs 

Your questions answered - a downloadable FAQ sheet on drug screens.