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“What the sentencing judge needs is not a diagnostic label but a clear, well-founded expert opinion as to the nature and extent of the offender’s impairment of mental functioning and, so far as it can be assessed, of its likely impact on the offender at the time of the offending and/or in the foreseeable future.” – Brown v The Queen [2020] VSCA 212 at [61].

In a twilight webinar, we will explore the implications of the Court of Appeal's decision in Brown v The Queen [2020] VSCA 212, where the Court resolved the issue of how personality disorders should be taken into account at sentencing, holding that offenders with personality disorders should be treated no differently to an offender relying on any other impairment of mental functioning.

Through an interactive panel discussion, the impact of this decision for sentencing courts will be considered, from the perspective of the court, the practitioner, and the expert.

This webinar is open to judicial officers only.