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The ethical challenges of judging and social media

Offering new and innovative ways to ‘connect’, ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘comment’, the power and pervasiveness of social media presents challenges for both long-standing members of the judiciary and new appointees.

  • Should the judiciary steer clear of all social media?
  • Are online connections a legitimate basis for a perception of bias?
  • What if you are not an active social media user?
  • What if you are using a fake name?
  • Are past social media connections or old social media accounts a concern?
  • What about friends and family who use social media?

These questions are being grappled with by members of the judiciary around the globe.  In November 2019, the Global Judicial Integrity Network will finalise draft guidelines produced by a UN expert group on the use of social media by judges.

Join us at this twilight session for a discussion of the ethical dilemmas posed by social media and the development of best practice approaches around the world.

Please note that this program is open to all jurisdictions. 


Melbourne CBD.