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What is the shadow I am casting?

Many Court leaders and judicial officers find themselves in a changing working environment. Below are 10 questions from UK Leadership Coach Dr Peter Shaw which are worth asking yourself and a 4 minute video on managing your time and energy when working from home.

1. What sequencing of the day is working best for me and can I be more deliberate in planning my day so I am concentrating on where I can add most value and using the times of day when I am at my most productive to tackle difficult things?

2. What breaks can I ensure take place in my day and what boundaries can I set around my work commitments? What physical movement can I ensure happens to break up my day?

3. What conversations can happen just as well by phone as by video link so that we can move around as we talk, especially with individuals I know well?

4. Is there a case to spend more deliberate one to one time with individuals as we are not having incidental conversations as we pass by each other, especially with new hires? Might I use some of what would have been travel time to engage in informal video or phone contact?

5. When I am participating in virtual discussions how can I structure my contribution and the visual clues I give, so other participants feel listened to and are committed to the conclusions?

6. What is the balance I need to strike between work and personal responsibilities and what contracting do I need to do with colleagues and family members?

7. How best do I look after myself emotionally when I am holding the anxieties of both myself, my family and my staff?

8. How best do I acknowledge the differing emotional pressures on colleagues and ensure that we are able to progress the work we need to do together?

9. What shifts am I making in the way I communicate and engage that I will want to build into my ways of approaching work over the longer term?

10. What is the shadow I am casting over others at this time and how might I be deliberate in the tone I set and the expectations I convey? When am I able to laugh at myself and enable others to smile?

More information on ‘The Resilient Leader’ from Dr Shaw can be found here.