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Victorian Sentencing Manual updated.

The Victorian Sentencing Manual has been updated with a newly rewritten chapter on drug offences. Among other things, this chapter clarifies what the current state and federal regimes are and how they differ. It also breaks down some of the evolving jurisprudence about the significance of quantity and type of drug.

In addition, over the last six months, the Sentencing Manual chapter on the policy considerations around the hardship of an offender’s sanction has been updated to include the decisions of:

  • Curtis v The Queen [2022] VSCA 5
  • Mackie v The Queen [2022] VSCA 28
  • Totaan v The Queen [2022] NSWCCA 75

The NSW Court of Criminal Appeal’s decision in Totaan being the most notable of these because it departs from the majority view that in order to be mitigating for a Commonwealth offence, third-party hardship must be ‘exceptional’.

The Victorian Sentencing Case Summary database has also published approximately 1000 new County Court sentencing summaries, making it current through 2020.