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UK Judicial Attitude Survey findings released.

The Judicial Attitude Survey (JAS) 2020 is a longitudinal survey conducted with all serving salaried judges in the UK. This is the third iteration of the survey; it was also run in 2014 and 2016, attracting a near 100% response rate each time.

In 2020, almost all judges felt that they provide an important service to society and had a strong connection to their role as a judge. This strong commitment to the judicial role persevered, despite the challenges of the role. Job satisfaction, across all jurisdictions has improved since 2016.

More than half indicated that the working conditions had worsened in the last two years, however in 2016 three-quarters of the judiciary had felt that way, indicating some overall improvement.  Most judges said their caseload and non-case workload over the last 12 months has been manageable, and there has been a steady improvement on this since 2014.

A majority of judges stated that the support to deal with stressful work conditions was important to them: 44% indicated that they would like more training on wellbeing for judges.

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