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Sentencing Manual improvements continue

As all of us are adapting to rapidly changing circumstances, the Judicial College recognises that trusted online resources are more important than ever. Be assured that the College publications remain available and continue to be updated. 

The most recent updates include the first four offence-specific chapters of the Victorian Sentencing Manual. We also remain responsive to your feedback and have increased the Manual’s print options.

Offence-specific chapters 
The Sentencing Manual now includes the following four offence-specific chapters:

The remaining offence-specific chapters will be published progressively upon their completion. All chapters are scheduled to be completed by the end of April. 

Enhanced print functionality

The Manual’s print functionality has been enhanced to allow download of: 

  • Full PDFs with a table of contents (using the book icon above the table of contents)
  • Case summaries by offence in Word format (using the links at the start of each offence summary chapter)

Note: If you have previously downloaded a PDF of the Sentencing Manual, you may need to first clear your browser’s cache to ensure you receive the most up-to-date version available.