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New Victorian Sentencing Manual

We are excited to announce our new Victorian Sentencing Manual.

Over two years, we have extensively redesigned and rewritten the manual so that it is the most up-to-date resource of its kind and continues to be a mainstay for judicial officers and legal practitioners in Victoria. 

What’s changed?

This edition is:

  • Shorter – having been cut by more than 2,000 pages
  • Better structured – with a sharper focus and organisation
  • Updated – all content has been verified and refreshed
  • Digitally enhanced – cited authorities are hyper-linked, including pinpoint citations

The new Sentencing Manual - Case Summaries contains all our sentencing summaries.

What’s next?

We will publish offence specific chapters next year. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I access your Resources? 

You can access the manual directly or from the Resources section on the website.

What has happened to the previous edition of the manual?

We have retired the previous edition.

What has happened to the sentencing case summaries?

We have split the manual in two. 

The new Victorian Sentencing Manual focusses on legal principles, while the new Sentencing Manual – Case Summaries contains summaries of sentencing decisions from the Victorian Court of Appeal and the County Court of Victoria.

I’ve created bookmarks/shortcuts to the previous edition. Will these need to be updated?

Your existing bookmarks should now take you to a page on our website that lets you choose whether to open the manual or the case summaries.

You will need to update any bookmarks you have to specific pages of the previous manual.

Who should I contact for assistance?

If you have any questions please contact Matthew Weatherson, Director, Judicial Information Services