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The Law Report: Magistrates' stress.

The latest research by Carly Schrever reveals where stress presides among the Australian judiciary.

Following Carly’s earlier research, published in 2019, these latest findings confirm empirically that it is judicial officers in the high-volume, lower courts – magistrates – that are under the most stress, exacerbated by reduced experiences of autonomy and relatedness.

Carly was interviewed, along with Chief Magistrate Lisa Hannan, by Damien Carrick on the ABC’s Law Report this week about her latest research findings. Discussing the practical implications for Carly’s research, the interview also addressed the series of measures the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria has implemented to reduce judicial stress, from improved induction processes to workload management.

Responding to the work being done at the Court to support judicial wellbeing, Chief Magistrate Hannan said:

‘…we are very open in our discussions about welfare…welfare is something that the magistrates now feel free to discuss and that has a lot to do with research such as Carly’s….it’s really been empowering in terms of allowing magistrates the space to talk about these issues’

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