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Improving the Sentencing Manual

Since we launched the new Sentencing Manual in December 2019, we have sought feedback from judicial officers and practitioners.

We have learned a lot about how you use the new Manual, and how we can improve your experience.

Load speeds

Some users have found the Manual slow to load.

We have investigated this and discovered the Manual is best viewed on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. If you experience slow load speeds, please try one of these browsers, rather than Internet Explorer.

Phones and tablets

When the Manual was first launched, there was an issue with whether the table of contents would display on a phone or tablet.

This issue has now been fixed. You should now be able to navigate the manual as easily on your phone or tablet as on your desktop computer.


Previously, high levels of magnification caused problems with the readability of the table of contents.

This issue has now been fixed. You should now be able to adjust your magnification levels while still being able to read the table of contents.

Printing the Manual

If you need to access the Manual while offline, you can download a PDF copy of the Manual. Click on the  icon in the top left section of the screen.

Otherwise, you can select text and then copy and paste that text into a Word document for printing.  

Future work

The first four offence-specific chapters are with the Sentencing Manual editorial committee and are due for publication in early March 2020.

We are currently working on an improved display of search results, use of internal grid-lines for tables and the placement of footnotes.

If you have any other features you’d like us to consider, or other feedback about the manual, please let us know.