Dr Carly Schrever discusses judicial stress in Law Report interview.

Dr Carly Schrever
Dr Carly Schrever recently appeared on The Law Report with Damien Carrick to discuss the publication of her most recent study on judicial stress.

The study, titled "The privilege and the pressure: Judges’ and magistrates’ reflections on the sources and impacts of stress in judicial work," sheds light on the challenges faced by judicial officers in Australia.

Co-authored with Associate Professor Carol Hulbert and Professor Tania Sourdin, the research involved in-depth interviews with 59 judges and magistrates from various Australian courts. 

For a deeper understanding of the study’s insights and implications for judicial wellbeing, listen to Dr Carly Schrever’s discussion on The Law Report.

For further details on the study, you can refer to our previous coverage.

Upcoming event

On 31 July, the College will host a twilight event, The privilege and pressure of judicial work, where Dr Schrever will delve into the study's findings in more detail. The event will explore how judicial officers can be further supported to thrive in their roles based on evidence from the interviews. It will feature opening comments from Chief Justice Anne Ferguson and reflections from Chief Judge Peter Kidd on the significance and implications of Dr Schrever’s research on judicial wellbeing.

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Note: This event is open to judicial officers only.