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Criminal Charge Book updated.

The Criminal Charge Book has been updated in response to recent cases regarding matters including importation, puttage and summing up.

Updated chapters include: 

  • Decide solely on the evidence - Incorporating Mathieson v The Queen regarding evidence, puttage and the defence case. 
  • Directions under Jury Directions Act 2015 - Incorporating Chaarani v The Queen, Pyliotis v The Queen and DPP v Dyke. 
  • Judge’s summing up on issues and evidence - Incorporating R v Abdirahman-Khalif, Star v The Queen, Gregg v The Queen and Pyliotis v The Queen.
  • Alternative verdicts - Incorporating Chaarani v The Queen on the availability of State offences as an alternative to a Commonwealth offence.
  • Charge: statutory murder - Providing extra guidance on taking the verdict when both statutory and common law murder are charged.
  • Importing/exporting border controlled drugs and plants - Incorporating Zhao v DPP on the effect of full substitution of border controlled drug.

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