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The College’s approach to judicial education leverages the expertise of the judiciary, academics, experts in a range of fields, as well as cultural and social thinkers.

We have partnered with judicial bodies and legal organisations across Australia and overseas. If you would like to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us here

Designing and delivering educational programs

Continuing professional development is critical to high quality, up-to-date judicial, legal and professional services. 

We consult with your organisation to understand your context and learning objectives, to develop a program that is tailored to the needs of your participants. 

We deliver education for non-Victorian judicial officers and other legal professionals that draws on the same depth of knowledge and understanding we bring to education for the Victorian judiciary.

Legal resources   
We have created a well-respected suite of bench books and other resources that are widely used by judicial officers, legal practitioners, police, students and policy makers. These resources provide clear, accurate and accessible explanations of the law on topics relevant to judicial officers.

Our resources are written by experienced legal researchers and reviewed by senior members of the judiciary.  

By developing well researched, accessible material, we have been able to assist judicial officers preside over trials with confidence. We can use this expertise to develop legal resources for your organisation.

How we work with you

Experience has shown us that no two projects are quite the same.

We assess each project on its merits in order to offer a tailored solution, personalised service, transparent pricing and evaluation.  

Why work with us

The College has been at the leading edge of judicial education since 2002. Our work translates complex legal and societal developments into innovative and varied educational programs, and a range of authoritative legal resources. We ensure judicial officers in all Victorian jurisdictions are knowledgeable, up-to-date and well-equipped to manage the unique challenges of the judicial role. 

See how we’ve helped other organisations below.

Judicial resources for South Australia

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Providing an up to date, well researched Bench Book with explanatory commentary for the South Australian judiciary.

Effective decision making for professional organisations

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Developing a tailored decision writing program for professional organisations with a complex and serious role to play.

Tribunal mentoring program

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Developing a mentor training program for new and existing members of a national Tribunal.