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Effective decision making for professional organisations

Client Need

Many professional organisations are required to make decisions in writing that hold up to legal scrutiny. The decisions that they make are complex and multi-faceted, with the potential to affect someone’s livelihood.

Two of these organisations, the Police Services Registration Board and the Victorian Institute of Teaching, approached us for help. As their members are not legally trained, decision writing skill varies widely from person to person.

Judicial College Involvement

The College designed a tailored decision writing program for these organisations. 13 participants attended. It was presented by Professor Noah Messing from Yale Law School and the College’s Director of Judicial Information Services, Matthew Weatherson.

The one-day workshop focused on effective decision writing, the legislative framework of police and teaching decisions, and how to articulate their reasons. The aim was to help participants to write decisions that are clear, authoritative and withstand scrutiny.

'Extremely useful in shaping my thinking about any future decisions I have to make or compose'.

'[Professor Noah Messing was] witty, entertaining while at the same time, informative and knowledgeable. Had that American pizzaz'.

'Both presenters proved their understanding of our organisation’s role and delivered their "decisions" on what was required effectively and in a manner that captured - and kept - the attention of participants'.