Expand Charter of Human Rights Bench Book
Expand 1. Background and Operation
Expand 2. The Charter’s Effect on Courts
Expand 3. The Charter’s Effect on Public Authorities
Expand 4. The Charter’s Effect on Parliament
Expand 5. Limitations on Charter Rights
Collapse 6. Charter Rights
    6.1. Introduction: ‘Charter rights’
   Expand 6.2. Recognition and equality before the law (s 8)
   Expand 6.3. Right to life (s 9)
   Expand 6.4. Protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment (s 10)
   Expand 6.5. Freedom from forced work (s 11)
   Expand 6.6. Freedom of movement (s 12)
   Expand 6.7. Privacy and reputation (s 13)
   Expand 6.8. Freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief (s 14)
   Expand 6.9. Freedom of expression (s 15)
   Expand 6.10. Peaceful assembly and freedom of association (s 16)
   Expand 6.11. Protection of families and children (s 17)
   Expand 6.12. Taking part in public life (s 18)
   Expand 6.13. Cultural rights (s 19)
   Expand 6.14. Property (s 20)
   Expand 6.15. Right to liberty and security of the person (s 21)
   Expand 6.16. Humane treatment when deprived of liberty (s 22)
   Expand 6.17. Children in the criminal process (s 23)
   Expand 6.18. Fair hearing (s 24)
   Collapse 6.19. Rights in criminal proceedings (s 25)
       6.19.1. Introduction
       6.19.2. Scope of the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law
       6.19.3. Reasonable and justified limits (s 7(2)) on the presumption of innocence (s 25(1))
      Collapse 6.19.4. Scope of the ‘minimum guarantees’ (s 25(2))
 Right to be informed of the charge and to prepare defence
 Right to be tried without unreasonable delay
 Rights to be tried and to defend personally, and to legal assistance
 Right to call and cross-examine witnesses
 Right of assistance in relation to language or communication
 Right against self-incrimination
       6.19.5. Reasonable and justified limits (s 7(2)) on the minimum guarantees (s 25(2))
       6.19.6. Scope of the rights of children charged with criminal offences (s 25(3))
       6.19.7. Reasonable and justified limits (s 7(2)) on the rights of children accused (s 25(3))
       6.19.8. Scope of the right to review of conviction and sentence by a higher court (s 25(4))
       6.19.9. Reasonable and justified limits (s 7(2)) on the right to appeal (s 25(4))
   Expand 6.20. Right not to be tried or punished more than once (s 26)
   Expand 6.21. Retrospective criminal laws (s 27)