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26.3.1 - Presumption of bail and exceptions

Any person accused of an offence and being held in custody in relation to that offence has a prima facie entitlement to bail unless the decision maker is required to refuse bail under the BA (BA s4).

Section 4 of the BA “still reflects the common law rule that a person accused of an offence, whether adult or child, has a prima facie entitlement to bail except in the significantly expanded circumstances now detailed in the BA” (former Magistrate Peter Power, Research Materials, 9. Criminal Division – Custody & Bail, page 9.7).

Broadly-speaking, there are three main exceptions to the prima facie entitlement of an accused to bail, and these are:

The expanded circumstances in the BA for which bail may be refused include:

In This Section - Terrorism risk or record - Exceptional circumstances - "Show compelling reason" - Unacceptable risk - Surrounding circumstances – Two-step process for bail determination

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