Victorian Criminal Proceedings Manual

This manual explains the law of criminal procedure under the Criminal Procedure Act 2009. It analyses the Act while discussing the authorities and other legislation that are relevant to the conduct of criminal proceedings.

The Victorian Criminal Proceedings Manual includes chapters on:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Commencement of Proceedings
  • Summary Hearings
  • Committal Hearings
  • Trial Procedures
  • Role of the Judge
  • Role of Counsel
  • The Accused
  • Service of Documents
  • Empanelment and Management of Juries
  • Arraignment
  • Witnesses
  • Open Court Principles and Suppression Orders
  • Abuse of Process and Stays
  • Documentary and other evidence
  • Voir Dire
  • Taking verdicts
  • Post verdict
  • Appeals


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Publication Details

Victorian Criminal Proceedings Manual
Updated: 20/03/2019
Published: 14/04/2009

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