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The Uniform Evidence Manual provides a first-port-of call guide to the application of the Evidence Act 2008. The Act commenced operation on 1 January 2010. The Manual includes:

  • commentary on substantive sections of the Act;
  • discussion of uniform evidence legislative policy;
  • cross-references to the current edition of Stephen Odgers' Uniform Evidence Law.

Other Resources

Case summary: Hughes v The Queen [2017] HCA 20 - a significant decision for the development of evidence law in Victoria. In this decision, by a 4-3 split, the High Court held that close similarity between events is not essential for tendency evidence to be admissible.

Introduction to the Uniform Evidence Act in Victoria: Significant Changes  - prepared by JCV, in collaboration with the Victorian Law Reform Commission.


These knowledge tests will assist your understanding of key aspects of the Evidence Act 2008, including relevance, hearsay, opinion and discretionary exclusion of evidence.

Evidence Knowledge Test No 1
Evidence Knowledge Test No 2
Evidence Knowledge Test No 3  


Admissibility of Evidence (PDF,88KB)
Hearsay Overview (PDF,15KB)
Hearsay in Civil Proceedings (PDF,27KB)
Hearsay in Criminal Proceedings (PDF,29KB)
Opinion (PDF,19KB)
Opinion Evidence (PDF,25KB)
Admissions (PDF,20KB)
Admissions as Exception to Hearsay and Opinion Rules in Civil Proceedings (PDF,19KB)
Admissions as Exception to Hearsay and Opinion Rules in Criminal Proceedings (PDF,23KB)
Tendency (PDF,27KB)
Coincidence (PDF,KB)
Credibility Evidence (PDF,27KB)
Identification Evidence - Visual (PDF,15KB)
Identification Evidence - Picture (PDF,25KB)
Client Legal Privilege (PDF,30KB)
Privilege Against Self-incrimination (PDF,16KB)

Further Reading 

Resources from the Australian, NSW and Victorian Law Reform Commissions, and from the Department of Justice (Vic).

ALRC, Evidence (Interim), Report 26, 1985 (ALRC Report 26)
ALRC, Evidence (Final), Report 38, 1987 (ALRC Report 38)
ALRC, NSWLRC and VLRC, Review of the Evidence Act 1995, ALRC Discussion Paper 69, NSWLRC Discussion Paper 47 and VLRC Discussion Paper (2005) (Joint Discussion Paper)
ALRC, NSWLRC and VLRC, Uniform Evidence Law, ALRC Report 102, NSWLRC Report 112 and VLRC Final Report (2005) (Joint Report)
**UPDATED** Pocket Evidence Law - prepared by Justice Christopher Beale, Supreme Court of Victoria
Ready Reckoner for Evidence Act 2008 - commissioned by the Department of Justice and prepared by Andrew Palmer, Barrister at Law (PDF, 916KB)
VLRC, Implementing the Uniform Evidence Act, Report, 2006 (Implementation Report)

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Uniform Evidence Manual
Updated: 20/09/2018
Published: 16/10/2009

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