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Open Courts Act 2013 **NEW**

This quiz tests your understanding of suppression orders and closed-court orders, following the commencement of the Open Courts Act 2013

Open Courts Act Quiz

Uniform Evidence

These knowledge tests will assist your understanding of key aspects of the Evidence Act 2008, including relevance, hearsay, opinion and discretionary exclusion of evidence.

Evidence Knowledge Test No 1
Evidence Knowledge Test No 2
Evidence Knowledge Test No 3  

Community Correction Orders

These quizzes will test your knowledge of community correction orders as a sentencing option and include issues such as the availability of orders, applicable considerations when making orders and penalties for contravention.

Community Correction Orders Quiz A
Community Correction Orders Quiz B
Community Correction Orders Quiz C 

Civil Procedure (extracted from the Civil Procedure Bench Book)

These scenarios and quizzes test your understanding of key aspects of the Civil Procedure Act 2010, including case management, summary judgment and the overarching purpose and obligations.

Overarching purpose: Mini-quiz
Overarching purpose: Mini-scenario

Overarching obligations: Mini-quiz
Overarching obligations: Close reading exercise
Overarching obligations: Mini-scenario 1
Overarching obligations: Mini-scenario 2 

Certification requirements: Mini-quiz
Certification requirements: Mini-scenario 1
Certification requirements: Mini-scenario 2
Certification requirements: Mini-scenario 3 

Case management: Mini-quiz
Case management: Mini-scenario 1
Case management: Mini-scenario 2 

Disclosure and discovery: Mini-quiz
Disclosure and discovery: Close-reading exercise
Disclosure and discovery: Mini-scenario 1 

Summary Judgment: Mini-quiz
Summary Judgment: Mini-scenario 1

ADR: Mini-quiz
ADR: Mini-scenario 1
ADR: Mini-scenario 2

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