Open Courts Bench Book

Focusing on the Open Courts Act 2013, which commenced on 1 December 2013, the Open Courts Bench Book contains:

  • commentary on the principles of open justice and the availability of suppression or closed-court orders, along with related topics including procedure, review and appeal and breach of orders
  • analysis and information on when such orders may be available, and relevant considerations and restrictions to be taken into account in drafting orders
  • discussion of the categories of information that may be suppressed and the rights and obligations of parties and the media
  • a suite of model orders that may be adapted for use in your own proceedings.

Open Courts Act Reforms

The College has prepared the following preliminary materials in response to changes to the Open Courts Act 2013, which are scheduled to take effect in February 2020.

Other resources prepared by JCV

Guide to the Open Courts Act 2013 (PDF, 37KB)
Introduction to the Open Courts Act 2013 (PDF, 98KB)
Flowchart: Whether or not to make an order under the Open Courts Act 2013 (PDF, 51KB)
Flowchart: Drafting considerations and restrictions for suppression orders under the Open Courts Act 2013 (PDF, 51KB)
Open Courts Act Quiz - Test your knowledge of the Open Courts Act 2013


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Open Courts Bench Book
Updated: 06/02/2019
Published: 02/12/2013

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