The College produces publications under the guidance of Judicial Editorial Committees. These practical guides are regularly updated, with material relevant to all Victorian jurisdictions.

Although publications are primarily written for judicial officers, all court parties will find them useful. Most College publications are available free online to the legal community, the public and the media. 

College publications are only available online. The College does not prepare or provide print or CD-ROM versions.

The following pdf document, Internet Explorer instructions, may provide assistance if you are having difficulties accessing any of these publications. If you continue to experience difficulties please contact the College at: 


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There are some great resources here. Thanks for putting them online!

great resources not available in Queensland

can I subscribe?

Subscribe to our RSS feeds from the front page of this website.
If you want to receive email updates, use the Feedback Form under Contact Us to provide us with your details.
Updates are sent out when content is added or revised in the online manuals.

I've heard that the college has a great quiz on the new evidence act on your website. How do I find it? It's not on any of the publications pages and I've tried the search function.

We have both a quiz and a video on the new Evidence Act. To find them, go to the Uniform Evidence Resources page. On the left in the navigation list you will see links to both the Evidence Knowledge Test (quiz) and a video about the Evidence Act featuring Stephen Odgers, SC.

Can I suggest some discussion, commentary and perhaps a publication in relation to Section 84 Road Safety Act regarding Impoundment, seizure and forfeiture for relevant offences under this act.

JCV Response - Thankyou for the suggestion. Keep an eye on the Victorian Sentencing Manual in the coming months.

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