Charge Book restructure

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The Victorian Criminal Charge Book is now easier to use after a restructure by the Judicial College’s publications team.

The Charge Book is the College’s most used publication by judicial officers.

With fewer subtopics, the new structure means you can locate the information you seek faster. 

In the restructured Charge Book, each topic:

  • starts with commentary on the area of law. The Bench Notes have replaced the topic introduction pages.
  • groups the charge and its relevant checklist together.

Significant decisions updates
We have published also published updates to reflect significant decisions, including:

  • Incriminating Conduct - Saddik v The Queen [2018] VSCA 249 – warning about departing from the statutory language.
  • Voluntariness - Herodotou v The Queen [2018] VSCA 253 – discussion of voluntariness in the context of injuries inflicted during a scuffle.
  • Criminal Damage Grajewski v DPP [2019] HCA 8 – updated to reflect the requirement that damage involves change to the physical integrity of an object.
  • Employer’s DutiesMuscat v Magistrates’ Court of Victoria [2018] VSC 650 and DPP v JCS Fabrications Pty Ltd & Anor [2019] VSCA 50 – Expanded commentary and charges to address an employer’s duty to non-employees.

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