Criminal Charge Book Updates

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Updates to our Criminal Charge Book incorporate significant developments in the criminal jurisdiction and in court proceedings.

Negligently Causing Serious Injury

Jury directions for negligently causing serious injury have been updated to provide for different directions based on whether the accused is also charged with culpable driving causing death by gross negligence.

Juror Behaviour

Preliminary directions to the jury at the commencement of the trial now emphasise the importance of jurors reporting any attempts by non-jurors to talk to them about the case.

This is in addition to warnings to jurors about discussing the case with non-jurors, and consequences of breaching instructions. 
Witness Support Dogs

A new set of bench notes and directions emphasise the role of Witness Support Dogs in reducing the witness stress and direct the jury not to take the use of a support dog into account in assessing the evidence. 
You can find all the changes in our Criminal Charge Book

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