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The myth of the emotionless or imperturbable judge is not borne out in ground breaking empirical research into judicial wellbeing presented at the College last night.

Clinical researcher and judicial wellbeing advisor Carly Schrever previewed the findings of her Australian and international leading doctorate research project through the University of Melbourne into judicial stress. The findings reveal fascinating insights into how many judicial officers are finding great satisfaction in their work despite experiencing high stress.

Chief Justice Anne Ferguson introduced the research at the College’s Warren Learning Centre to an audience of Victorian and interstate judiciary leaders, academics, retired judges, judicial officers who participated in the research, legal industry representatives, and colleagues.

Carly will officially publish her findings later in the year. Carly’s research involved research with five jurisdictions across Australia, 60 personal interviews and 152 surveys of judicial officers.

Carly is a qualified lawyer who has presented aspects of her research internationally and around Australia. She is the College’s Judicial Wellbeing Advisor and the College is a partner in Carly’s project.


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