Mental Health

Mental Health
Mental Health


Depression & Anxiety
beyondblue website

This ten item checklist is a widely used and validated measure of anxious and depressive symptoms.


Fact Sheet: Workplace & Personal Stress
Law Institute of Victoria (2013)

This short fact sheet summarises the science and psychology of stress especially as it relates to senior members of the legal profession. It includes a good distillation of the latest research on how stress can be effectively managed when nothing can be done about the workload; using breath, body work, mental habits, diet and exercise.

Vicarious Trauma

Feeling heavy: Vicarious trauma and other issues facing those who work in the sexual assault field
Morrison (2007); Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault (ACSSA)

Although primarily written for therapists and social workers who work with victims of sexual assault, this twelve page article is equally relevant to judicial officers. It describes what vicarious trauma is, its causes, and how it may be experienced. It also discusses how individuals and organisations may address vicarious trauma, and the broader social context of sexual assault.


Depression, the secret we share
VIDEO, Andrew Solomon, TED Talk (2013)

In this talk, American writer Andrew Solomon takes listeners to the darkest corners of his mind during the years he battled depression. only to discover that the more he talked, the more people wanted to tell their own stories.


Monkey Mind
AUDIO, All in the Mind, Radio National (April 2013)

Anxiety is an essential human emotion but it is important to distinguish between normal everyday worry and an actual anxiety disorder. Anxiety can manifest in a range of forms including obsessive compulsive disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety and panic attacks. This podcast discusses the several prominent researchers and authors share their personal experiences and what helped them manage it and eventually recover.

Alcohol and Addiction

Fact Sheet: Drugs & Alcohol
Law Institute of Victoria (2013)

The use of alcohol or prescription drugs when stressed or when experiencing anxiety or depression can provide a temporary escape. However, as this fact sheet explains, reliance on substances to cope in fact exacerbates the problems in the long run. The fact sheet covers symptoms of addiction, the common component of denial, the relationship between alcohol and depression, and ways of preventing or recovering from addiction.

Stalking, Threats and Safety Concerns

Stalking Victim Support
Stalking Risk Profile website

This page is just one of dozens of useful pages on the Stalking Risk Profile website.  Stalking Risk Profile is an excellent website authored and managed by a group Victorian-based forensic researchers and clinicians specialising in stalking behaviour and cyber bullying. This page links to information the supports available for victims of different kinds of stalking. Other pages explain stalking behaviour, link to empirical research, and discuss the links between stalking victimisation and mental health.


Alcoholics Anonymous

Beyond Blue

Black Dog Institute

Blue Pages

Phoenix Australia - Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health

Stalking Risk Profile


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