Principles guiding College work

Classroom sessions with active involvement of judiciary
Judicial officers learning through scenarios

The College conducts its work under these guiding principles:

  • we promote the principle of an independent judiciary and judicial officers, while maintaining an effective working relationship with the executive arm of government
  • we believe judicial officers need both continuing legal education and professional development
  • we ensure judicial officers develop and lead judicial education and professional development, with input from academics and members of the wider community. This supports an independent judiciary and reflective judicial practice
  • we help ensure high standards of judicial practice and support for the rule of law
  • we provide education and professional development of the highest quality. Our staff are highly skilled and committed, and we deliver our programs within a comprehensive quality assurance framework
  • we believe in self-motivated learning, peer support, and sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues
  • we provide many of our resources free to members of the legal profession and the wider community. This:
    • helps the public understand what judicial officers do
    • shows that judicial officers constantly improve their skills and keep up to date with legal and social issues
    • promotes a culture of professional development in the wider legal profession
    • demonstrates our transparency.

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The Judicial Officers Information Network (JOIN) is an online resource for judicial officers and their support staff. JOIN ensures judicial officers have access to legislation, judgments, publications including benchbooks and manuals, sentencing statistics and legal reference material.

JOIN is for work use only. All users must agree to the terms and conditions before using it. The Judicial College supplies and manages the username and password.