JCV Fellowships

L-R The Hon. Tim Smith QC, Chief Justice Marilyn Warren AC and Mr Patrick Tehan
L-R The Hon. Tim Smith QC, Chief Justice Marilyn Warren AC and Mr Patrick Tehan QC

Voluntary and continuous contributions by current and retired judicial officers, members of the legal profession and academics have provided an invaluable support to the Judicial College in its delivery of high-quality educational programs and publications for the Victorian judiciary.

To honour these exceptional contributions, the College appointed its inaugural honorary Fellows on Monday 3 March 2014. Chief Justice Marilyn Warren AC, Chair of the College, presented these appointments to the Hon. Tim Smith QC and Mr Patrick Tehan QC.

The Hon. Tim Smith QC and Mr Patrick Tehan QC have both made long term and substantial voluntary contributions to the Judicial College. Their work has supported the Uniform Evidence Manual and the Victorian Sentencing Manual, which are widely used resources by Victorian judicial officers and legal practitioners. In addition,  the Hon. Tim Smith QC has continued to serve as a member of the College’s Uniform Evidence Law steering committee, despite his retirement as a Judge of the Supreme Court in 2009. Given the depth of their outstanding contributions over many years, the College is delighted that they are the first recipients of Judicial College fellowships.

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