Continuing Professional Development

Three judicial officers attending a program
Judicial officers attending a College program

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme ensures judicial officers are up to date with substantive and procedural areas of the law, enhances judicial skills, and increases awareness of social and community trends. Each program the College offers fits within one or more of the five CPD curriculum categories.

1. Induction & orientation
 • Undertake a structured judicial and administrative induction on appointment
 • Participate in a Judicial Orientation Program within the first 12 months of appointment

2. Social context
 • Respond to the relationship between judicial officers and society and to changes in society, particularly cultural awareness
 • Keep abreast of emerging issues and practices in associated disciplines

3. Skills development
 • Manage cases, the courtroom and the people who appear before the courts
 • Use technology efficiently
 • Make and give decisions, both written and oral

4. Substantive law & practice
 • Maintain knowledge and mastery of the law
 • Apply appropriate standards of judicial conduct

5. Management & leadership
 • Participate in administration and leadership activities
 • Maintain health and well being.

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