Using JOIN

JOIN is password protected and access to JOIN is restricted to the judicial offiers and those whose role is to support them.

Authorised users are:

  • Judicial officers from all Victorian jurisdictions and locations
  • Associates
  • Court Registrars and registry staff
  • Judicial secretaries and similar support roles
  • Court librarians and researchers.

All newly appointed judicial officers receive a one-on-one session in chambers on using JOIN and the online manuals. Similarly, associates and researchers are trained by the College on using JOIN.

JOIN login

Access to JOIN is password-protected. The login can be found at the top of the front page of the website. The College supplies and manages the username and password.

Authorised Use

JOIN is for work use only, for Victorian judicial officers and those whose role is to support judicial officers. All users must agree to the terms and conditions before using it.

Access to subscription services (e.g. LexisNexis, Thomson/Reuters)

Access to subscription services requires users to add their jurisdiction-specific username and password. When entering passwords, select 'remember my details' to save re-entering the password each time.

Help Options

If you require assistance, please contact the JOIN Coordinator, Damian Siracusa, on (03) 9032 0536 (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm), or email

Applications you may need for JOIN

Users accessing JOIN from home may need to download Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view and print pdfs, and need to have Windows Media player to view the College videos.


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JOIN Login

The Judicial Officers Information Network (JOIN) is an online resource for judicial officers and their support staff. JOIN ensures judicial officers have access to legislation, judgments, publications including benchbooks and manuals, sentencing statistics and legal reference material.

JOIN is for work use only. All users must agree to the terms and conditions before using it. The Judicial College supplies and manages the username and password.